• For me design is about turning inspiration
    into effective communication.

  •  It’s about telling meaningful stories that
    your audience can relate to.

    And expressing ideas through images. 

  •  But mostly, it’s about working hard and having fun. 

inspired design

client focused

strong ideas

happy to help




Love what you do and the work will be fun.

I genuinely believe in the power of hard work and the revitalizing properties of a little fun. And really, I love design and making so the line between the two tends blur for me. That’s why I strive to make every project the best it can possibly be.


I have experience in a fast paced, deadline oriented environment working primarily with print projects. These projects have covered a broad range of industries including sporting goods, food service, and dental care. I also have some experience with motion graphics and web design and am always on the lookout for opportunities to grow those skills further.


Aside from art and design, I enjoy movies, sports, the outdoors, and even the occasional comic book. Most of these interests have had a strong connection to visual culture and I’m always interested in seeing their influence on and acceptance of current design trends.


Now that you know a little bit about me personally, here’s what I can do to help you or your business.


Print or digital, I deliver quality designs that push the envelope creatively while meeting your communication goals.


Need a video project or animation? I can handle it from concept to storyboard to finished product.


Illustration is what got me into this field in the first place, so you bet I can help you with those needs.


Here’s a a few examples of the software and applications I am familar with.



In Design

After Effects



our portfolio


Eric & Mandee

Eric & Mandee


This projects was a save the date card for a friend's impending wedding. They are both self professed foodies, wine afficiandos, and wonderful party hosts so I chose to do something that referenced that. When through the act of sketching I realized that the shape of E & M could be fashioned into a wine glass, I had my direction. ... Read More →
Southern Shred

Southern Shred


An illustration for a start up apparel brand focused on the pursuit of winter sports glory in the Southeastern United States. And obviously by glory I mean obsessively checking the weather forecast in hope of the next "big" storm that will drop a "massive" 2-4 inches of that lovely, highly addictive white stuff across the Appalachians. Because skiing and snowboarding in the South is something for ... Read More →

Dutch Maid

Illustration, Print Design

This project was all about distilling (ha!) the combination of tasty baked goods and Tennessee moonshine into one engaging package design. They wanted to make a connection to the tradition of Tennessee distilleries both lawful and otherwise, in a simple and concise way. We went with a design that calls back to both moonshine iconography and the classic Jack Daniel's labeling and adds a touch of c... Read More →
Truck Op.com

Truck Op.com

Print Design

This project was a brochure and one sheet for Truck Op.com, an online source for truck and trailer parts pricing information. The bold, solid branding had already been established and a set of printed materials was needed to help promote the company. ... Read More →
Brand-R Identity

Brand-R Identity


While working for Jessup and Associates on the Case Cutlery brand, we also did work for outside clients under the moniker Brandr Studio. It was a great name and the hope was to build it into a branding focused marketing firm, but we were having one issue. Several of our clients would pronounce the name Brand-R. To address this, we had begun to develop a fictitious cleaning company Brand-R, since t... Read More →
Vanderbilt Mortgage

Vanderbilt Mortgage

Print Design

This project was a sales flyer and folder for Vanderbilt Mortgage and included headline copy and ideation. The ticket concept was inspired by a visual element from their website.... Read More →

Ruby Tuesday

Illustration, Print Design

These illustrations are a system of hand-drawn headers used for Ruby Tuesday's updated menus. The goal was to add a bit more fun and energy to the menu in a way that followed suit with the brand's transformation to a more fun and casual experience.... Read More →
W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery

W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery

Print Design

This project was a flyer promoting a seminar to help current Case retailers increase their sales and attract new retailers to the Case brand.... Read More →
National Park Service Web Catalog

National Park Service Web Catalog

Web Design

My final practicum at UT involved working to redesign the web catalog section of the National Park Service website. This site highlights the artifact collections of individual parks. The end user was generally considered a bit older, and not overly tech savvy, so the goal was for the design to remain simple and functional. The process included research, ideation, wireframes, comps, user testing, a... Read More →
Provision Healthcare Ad Campaign

Provision Healthcare Ad Campaign

Art Direction, Illustration, Print Design, Web Design

When the call for a new ad campaign came,it afforded me the opportunity to branch out and work on something that went beyond "pretty pictures" and to think strategically as well. Since the brand's target audience had been predominantly older males and had reached a bit of a saturation point, we wanted to take an approach that would work for a wider range of people. Given the popularity of the "Can... Read More →
Provision Experience Video

Provision Experience Video

Art Direction, Motion, Video Editing

[video width="720" height="480" mp4="http://www.timpoe.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Provision-Proton-Treatment-Experience-Emma_1.mp4"][/video]... Read More →


Take a look at this quick animation to see why we should work together.




Thoughts on current design and marketing topics.

It’s important to stay engaged with what’s going on in the world of design and marketing. Trends come and go at an ever increasing pace and the role of the designer changes everyday.

That said, all this stuff is worth talking and writing about anyway. In other words, get ready to hear me ramble on about what I find awesome.

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