Well, the big game is just a few days away so I thought I might as well share my thoughts on the new branding and logo for college football’s new championship format. First off, I like the mark a lot. Using the laces to represent the 4 playoff teams is beautifully simple and the brackets seem to give it an air of finality. The type is a little too uninspired in my opinion, but again at least it was kept simple.

Perhaps more important though, is how the logo was chosen. I am both worried and impressed by the fact that they had the stones to leave the final logo decision up to a public vote. It lets people feel involved and like they have a voice, which I understand is important given how long fans felt their complaints regarding the BCS were ignored. But I can’t help but be worried about the precedent set here given that it is such a high profile brand. We got lucky, as it was clearly the strongest design, but what if it hadn’t been chosen?


The above shows the other options, which all fall way short of the mark in my opinion. Is it dangerous to give up the role of expert / control of the brand to the audience? Was the ability to vote for the logo really impactful enough to warrant that kind of a risk?