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These illustrations were for the Scott Hamilton Cares Foundation website redesign. The illustrations were used through out the site to highlight statistics regarding cancer diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship. I also art directed the photoshoot for the majority of the photography found on the site.

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When the call for a new ad campaign came,it afforded me the opportunity to branch out and work on something that went beyond “pretty pictures” and to think strategically as well. Since the brand’s target audience had been predominantly older males and had reached a bit of a saturation point, we wanted to take an approach that would work for

These illustrations are a system of hand-drawn headers used for Ruby Tuesday’s updated menus. The goal was to add a bit more fun and energy to the menu in a way that followed suit with the brand’s transformation to a more fun and casual experience.

This was a logo and poster for a friend’s band. They’re best described as alternative rock with a touch of Americana, so I wanted to do something that had a hand made feel to it. I opted for a hand-lettered and then linocut process to create the logo.

This project was all about distilling (ha!) the combination of tasty baked goods and Tennessee moonshine into one engaging package design. They wanted to make a connection to the tradition of Tennessee distilleries both lawful and otherwise, in a simple and concise way. We went with a design that calls back to both moonshine iconography and the classic Jack

An illustration for a start up apparel brand focused on the pursuit of winter sports glory in the Southeastern United States. And obviously by glory I mean obsessively checking the weather forecast in hope of the next “big” storm that will drop a “massive” 2-4 inches of that lovely, highly addictive white stuff across the Appalachians. Because skiing and snowboarding

This projects was a save the date card for a friend’s impending wedding. They are both self professed foodies, wine afficiandos, and wonderful party hosts so I chose to do something that referenced that. When through the act of sketching I realized that the shape of E & M could be fashioned into a wine glass, I had my direction.


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